Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are You Doing Your Art?

A Tribute to my Friend, Claire

The very first time that I met my dear friend, Claire, she said two things to me.
"You are an artist" and "I love you".
She scared the hell out of me!

Every time thereafter, she would greet me by saying, "Are you doing your art?"
Even after all of these years, she still says it.

You see, Claire has this amazing gift to look through all the facades that people paint on and look at the soul of a person.  She saw immediately that I was an artist.  A non-productive, doubting and terrified artist, but an artist just the same.  Claire gave me permission to be exactly who I was inside.  Something that I'd never allowed myself.  I needed to learn to give myself permission to do the things that I loved. To understand that it was no sin to develop the God granted skills and talents that I'd been given.  Rather, it was exactly these things that God wanted me to develop in myself or He wouldn't have blessed me with the talent, desire and drive to do it in the first place!
Sounds simple, but its been a lesson that I've needed to relearn over and over again.

Now that I'm an old(er) gal, I'm once again happily creating... for the rest of my life.
I've learned that creating, just because I want to, is OK.
It doesn't matter if anyone else understands or approves of my work.
It doesn't even matter whether or not it produces an income for me.
I create because I must. Just like I must breathe... or eat... or sleep.
And as I stitch, draw, paint or sculpt, my soul is finally at peace.

Thank you, Claire, for all of your love and support these past 25 years.  Thank you for feeding me, both physically and spiritually. I thank God that He sent you to me to be my friend, to encourage me, build me up and continue to keep me on track by asking,
"Are You Doing Your Art?"

Yes, Claire, I am... everyday!

Claire...    Road trip...   circa 1990

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  1. I am sooo with you there Karen!! I need to get my camera out and take pictures, almost like I need to breath! I hope that God has given me some talent in it as well and I hope to use it for God. But you are right, it doesn't matter if my photography produces an income or not for me, something I always thought I needed to produce. So thank you for this post. Keep on painting, sculpting, drawing, and stitching to your heart's content and hopefully it's ok if I join you in "doing our art" :).


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